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How Do The “Voices” Of Your Characters Emerge?

Hmmm. Dunno? 🙂 I hear them in my head. Until that happens, the story doesn’t take off. Once the characters start “talking,” I’m on a roll. Sometimes I hear a voice I hadn’t expected, and that changes the story. I had a villain in Dark Moon, for instance, suddenly appear, and I hadn’t known he/she…

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Why Do You Enjoy Reading And Writing Romance?

I love the stories, the emotions, and, yes, quite frankly, I love the assurance of the happy ending. In a troubled world where so much is out of our control, there’s real comfort in knowing I’m going to enter a fictional world for a time where good things are possible. I’m a sucker for a…

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Q: How long does it take you to write a book? A: That depends on the book. The current WIP, On Angels’ Wings, has taken me forever. A century? Years? Anyway, a Christmas story of redemption and the power of love to change individuals and communities, it became the proverbial albatross hanging around my neck.…

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Using Point of View to Intensify Emotion

CREATING INTENSITY AND EMOTION THROUGH POINT OF VIEW Know how sometimes you’re reading a book and your attention wanders? Or how some books suck you into the world on the page? There are many ways an author can create that kind of intensity for a reader: through plot, through innovative syntax, mood, the kinds of…

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