Lindsay Longford

What Makes The Romance Genre Unique And Exciting As Opposed To Any Other Genre?

I’m really uncomfortable with the word ‘opposed.’ It suggests a kind of ranking to me, and that’s not how I feel about books. Like many romance readers, I read widely and broadly depending on what reading experience I’m hungry for. I don’t see the romance genre as in ‘opposition’ to any other genre, but as a rich, wonderful offering on a buffet of reading possibilities.

The genre does, and uniquely, I think, afford writers the opportunity to explore an incredible variety of story lines and ideas–from historical periods, kiss and kill books, to paranormal and alien worlds. The romance genre doesn’t feel restrictive to me the way some other storytelling formats do. The romance genre seems to be, like many women, adaptable and open to new elements. That openness, I strongly believe, is one of its greatest strengths.

I am a fan of the genre because of its specific emphasis on emotion and connections, on creating a universe where family bonds and male-female relationships have the power to make the world better. I think these themes are important because they remind us of the best instincts of humankind–to nurture, to create, and to love. Yeah, you bet I love the romance genre!