Lindsay Longford

Share How You As A Writer Go About Effectively Creating The “Pace” Of A Story So That Your Story Is A Page-Turning Romance?

The assumption here, thank you!, is that my story is a page-turner! I do try to give the reader a book that will keep her reading late into the night. I’ve learned that pacing depends on a lot of variables: my voice, the particular scene, and chapter structure. For instance, my voice tends to be southern and descriptive. As a result, I try to use that as a strength in emotional scenes and in lovemaking scenes. In other scenes, primarily action scenes, I focus on using short, subject-verb sentences and lots of dialogue to create a fast, slam-band pace. In a chapter where the focus is chiefly on action, I sometimes use short, popcorn scenes–Mary Higgins Clark does this a lot, and it automatically speeds up the pace.