Dr. Sophie Brennan and detective Judah Finnegan have a more bitter than sweet history and neither is happy to encounter the other in the hospital emergency room where Sophie works. After patching up the surly detective, Sophie should be happy to see him leave. But Judah’s case, an abandoned baby, keeps bringing him back to the hospital–and the doctor he can’t forget.

Wow! This story is anything but calm–it is tense, edgy, brooding, and very hot. It is a raw, powerful and very compelling story with wonderful, honest characters. There is a physicality to the writing–I can almost feel the characters moving, their restlessness. Body language has never been so important–and so hot! As intense and gritty as it is, this is ultimately a story of hope, forgiveness and joy. This is a definite must read. MH

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Midnight Lover by Lindsay Longford gives us a beauty and the beast story with a bit of something different. My favorite of the stories is “Midnight Lover,” but all the stories are excellent, with the paranormal elements I like so much.

Rickey R. Mallory, for Painted Rock Review

DARK MOON: The author effectively uses a bizarre and unsettling animal motif against which to set this tale of dark attraction and mystery…. Dusty, small-town summer amusements…take on a Ray Bradburyesque unreality…. Dark Moon is not for the squeamish or nervous, but there is some wonderful writing here…a good choice for readers who want some real spine-tingling moments served up with a truly mysterious love story. Beth Penney, Gothic Journal

LOVER IN THE SHADOWS: The strength of this story lies in its moody, brooding, and claustrophobic atmosphere. It echoes madness and depravity, without sinking into either…a good story for those who like crime and passion laced with an eerie touch. Anke Kriske, Gothic Journal

I give up! I will confess to anything if it gets me in the clutches of John Harland, Lindsay Longford’s incredibly exciting Lover in the Shadows…. This spellbinder can make any woman curl up and purr her heart out. …a dilly of spooky delight…. Every page is absolutely drenched in an irresistible sensual allure as Ms. Longford tantalizes us with a Lover in the Shadows no reader will ever forget. Melinda Helfer, Romantic Times

A KISS, A KID, AND A MISTLETOE BRIDE is a heart-warming love story. This RITA-winning author has a special way with words. Cathie Linz, Online Romance, Romantic Times

UNDERCOVER DADDY ( RITA finalist, Romantic Times Reviewers Choice winner): A tale of love and friendship emerges from the tension-filled pages of this exceptional romantic intrique. Highly charged emotions, well kept secrets, and an intense stand-off make this outstanding romance a special treat. It’s a captivating, emotional heartbreaker. SI, Rendezvous Magazine

Undercover Daddy (GOLD Five Stars) This is a tremendous read! Ms. Longford delves into the heart of a friendshp that has withstood the test of time, the test of loyalty come out victorious. This is one of the finest stories the Silhouette Romance line has produced! JM, Heartland Critiques

Undercover Daddy is Lindsay Longford at her finest. The classy writer imbues her gut wrenching work with so much emotional intensity that readers will need to have a steady supply of handkerchiefs handy. This poignant blockbuster will be found on everyone’s keeper shelf. Harriet Klausner, Affaire de Coeur Magazine Undercover Daddy…by the immensely talented Lindsay Longford…superbly blends richly drawn characters, an intricately developed plot and a touch of intrigue into an emotional powerhouse of a love story. Pamela B. Cohen, Romantic Times

DADDY BY DECISION (final book in the Florida cowboys trilogy): Lindsay Longford tugs at reader heartstrings…fills her sensitive romance to the brim with multi-faceted characters and highly charged emotional peaks. Pamela B. Cohen, Romantic Times

THE COWBOY AND THE PRINCESS (second of the Florida Cowboys trilogy): What a lovely, emotional story’s€“I went from laughter to tears as these two wonderful characters learned that there are second chances. Ms. Longford breaks out hearts and then mends them all in the space of a couple of hundred pages. Delightful! VAD, Rendezvous Magazine

ANNIE AND THE WISE MEN, (RITA-award-winning book): …Lindsay Longford (writer of the highly acclaimed Pete’s Dragon) dazzled us with a story about an angel. Perfect book for those of us who still believe in the magic of Christmas. Judy Ann Newton, Online Romance with Cathie Linz, Romantic Times Magazine

Get out your hankies as a courageous mother of two adorable kids and a lonely, hurting man find their real Christmas presents…on Valentine’s Day! Gold Five Stars, Bea Owens, Heartland Critiques

Lindsay Longford puts our hearts through the wringer in Annie and the Wise Men…the compelling intensity of this powerful love story will leave an indelible impression on your heart. Melinda Helfer, Romantic Times

…thoroughly enjoyed this story…characters are well defined and believable…the author’s use of Christmas as a symbol of hope and renewal isn’t overdone…. Extremely well cone. AM, Rendezvous Magazine

THE COWBOY, THE BABY, AND THE RUNAWAY BRIDE (RITA finalist and first in the Florida cowboys trilogy): …an extraordinary romance about the power of love and acceptance. Brava, Ms. Longford. Linda Anselmi, Romantic Times

Ms. Longford writes with a poignancy that will bring tears to your eyes one moment and a smile to your lips the next. As always, a remarkable story from an equally remarkable author. Virginia Ann DeWeese, Rendezvous Magazine

JAKE’s CHILD (RITA nominee for Best First Book, winner of Romantic Times‘ Reviewers’ Choice award and finalist in Romance Writers of America’s Golden Hearts awards for unpublished authors) …Lindsay Longford knows a lot about relationships, as you will see in Jake’s Child Melinda Helfer, Romantic Times

This gripping tale…is sure to win readers’ hearts. Silhouette Books newsletter

NO SURRENDER brims with burning passion and intense emotion…. Romantic Times

RENEGADE’S REDEMPTION (sequel to Sullivan’s Miracle): Lindsay Longford returns…after a much too long absence…. A master of characterization, Ms. Longford delivers a fascinating hero, explosive romance and nail-biting suspense to keep you reading far into the night. Romantic Times

SULLIVAN’S MIRACLE: …another powerhouse of a book…. Ms. Longford writes with an incredible emotional intensity that will send your heart soaring. Melinda Helfer, Romantic Times

A stirring climax and an extremely well written plot will leave you feeling that trule love can cross all barriers in heaven and on earth. I found myself spellbound by this beautifully written story with just enough credibility to make you believe. An excellent romance for one and all. SI, Rendezvous Magazine

CADE BOUDREAU’S REVENGE: …the marvelous second book by Lindsay Longford, one of the brightest new lights in the romance genre today…lots of neat twists and turns plus top-notch sensual tension to keep you turning the pages as fast as you can. Melinda Helfer, Romantic Times