The Son and Heir, aka Rob, dressed for his teaching job but leaving from our hotel. Although he’s tall, the smaller rooms make him look even taller!

A view from my hotel window in Ueno Park in Tokyo where I had a lovely two weeks visit with the son and heir–lucky me!

This is a famous street of cats in Tokyo, in an old, historic district. If you look closely up on the left hand side, you can see a small ceramic cat on the roof. There are cat banners, cat statues, cat posters everywhere. Very cool! But I don’t have a clue why!

Some of my fellow writers who get together every spring for a CreativeFest in which we talk writing and brainstorm–Margaret Watson, Jennifer Greene (peeking out!), Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Cathie Linz, Julie Wachowski, and Suzette Vann

At CreativeFest 2010 on my porch with a glimpse of The Famous (not really!) CreativeFest Chicken Salad–Margaret Watson, Suzette Vann, and Cathie Linz