Fun Research–or, writer in search of authenticity

You know how it is when you read a book, and you grimace because you just know, you know the writer’s not done his/her homework?  You know the “facts” in the scene aren’t facts at all, merely an example of a writer flying by the seat of his/her pants?

Well, most of us try to be accurate, try to make things as real as possible within the terms of the story.

So, in a search for authenticity in a scene I’d written for the curren WIP, I took a flying lesson. 

Yeah.  I know.  It’s a hard life, isn’t it??

Anyway, I got to crawl all over a four-seater Piper Archer and pick the instructor’s brain for help with the scene, a scene that as written was neither physically possible nor as interesting as it became after we played around with the plane and with ideas.

I think it’s better now, more exciting, and certainly now it’s. . . more accurate.

Next up?  Touch and go landings on a grass strip to add even more authenticity.

What I do for my readers, huh? 

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