Reading as Research

One of the coolest aspects of writing for a living (if it IS a living!) is that reading can be classified as work. Isn’t that just the greatest?

I don’t have to feel guilty about spending a day devouring fun books. My reading doesn’t have to be “serious,” I don’t have to worry about being tested, and I can read to my heart’s content–and feel righteous.

Because. . . it’s, um, work.

So what have I been reading?

Well, a whole lot of genre fiction, commercial reads: a lot of Anne Stuart’s backlist, everything David Baldacci’s written, and I have some of the .99 Kindle downloads to read so that I can see if I like that author’s voice. While I know I’m crazy about Jill Marie Landis’ work, I hadn’t read her Hawaiian goddess books, and since Mai Tai is available for .99, I seized that opportunity to try this newer series from her.

I’ve been trying to read across the board although I haven’t read any sci-fi or fantasy. Hmmm. Maybe I’m NOT reading “across the board” since as I really think about it, I’m reading romance, romantic suspense, and thrillers.

But, so what? It’s. . . all work!

Golly, I love my work. . . .

Now, cookies, what have you been reading–for whatever reason?




4 Responses to Reading as Research

  1. I just finished reading Outlander. Definitely research for me and OH SO FUN!

    • Lindsay says:

      So, Vivienne, what held your attention in Outlander? What kept you reading?

      Always such fun to hear how people react to books!

      I’m now reading some old John Sandford/ Lucas Davenport books. Really enjoying them, too.

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