Packing Away the Holiday Spirit

So all the boxes have been dragged up from the newly painted, newly re-ceiling-tiled, newly tidied basement. The red and green will disappear into the big plastic boxes and vanish into the darkness of the closets as if Christmas had never happened.

But it did–and it was almost perfect. There will always be an empty chair at our table, and that reminder keeps perfection just a step away. Still, thanks to Wes’ sisters, their children and husbands, and friends, Rob had the magic of Christmas to wind up 2010. I love that they’ve all extended themselves on Rob’s behalf and in memory of Wes. I find that very endearing, and it touches me deeply.

Perhaps I’m at a point in my life where sentimental things resonate more powerfully with me. Maybe it’s that I’ve been to too many funerals and wakes lately. I don’t know, but the passage of time weighs on me at this time of year most powerfully.

Or it could just be my habit of starting up a new calendar and filling it out, then realizing that I’ve already blocked out a lot of 2011!

I’ll remember the good stuff from 2010, though, even as I make up my lists and goals for 2011. There were so many moments of joy and silliness, and I feel very, very blessed by the people in my life. Hope you do, too.

Do you have a best moment of 2010? A really good motivation to achieve something in 2011? I do. And I’m going to work really hard to wind up saying in December, 2011, that I. . . .

Nope. Not going to jinx myself by saying it out loud! Stay tuned! And wish me luck?

Leaving you with an image of the year’s first sunrise, from The Son and Heir in Tokyo, to start off your brand spanking new year. Make the most of 2011!

First Sunrise of 2011 as seen in Tokyo

4 Responses to Packing Away the Holiday Spirit

  1. I used to collect Christmas ornaments, put garlands around the walls, and hang my collection. Not I pull out a felt Christams tree from the back of the closet. A lot easier although not nearly as festive.

    • Lindsay says:

      Oh, Jane, thanks so much for the giggle! I just took down my trees and am seriously, seriously rethinking the whole decorating hoo hah for 2011!

      A felt tree, huh? Good for you!

      Uh–it’s not neon red, is it?

  2. Deb Thomas says:

    Hi Lindsay,
    Winding up 2010 has been a major feat for several in our family. My brother-in-law finished his chemo and radiation treatments right before Christmas. He had a very good day on Christmas with his 2 daughters and their families. He spent 5 wonderful hours with them. That was their last Christmas and New Year.

    He passed away on the 4th of Jan 2011. He was a wonderful man. Always had a smile and laugh for everyone. He was a singer and bass guitar player in a band called “Lefty and the Spinners”. Not famous but well known in several parts of Iowa. He was diagnosed with cancer late in the year, but they didn’t catch it until it had reached inoperable stage 4.

    I can tell you, that my main goal for 2011 is to quit smoking. You hear of people getting lung cancer all the time, but I guess it just didn’t really phase me until it hit so close to home. Both of his daughters have quit smoking and 2 of his siblings have too.

    2010 was a pretty good year, but 2011 is going to be even better knowing that so many people in our family and extended family are going to prolong their own lives and time on this earth.

    Deb Thomas

    • Lindsay says:

      Deb, I know I contacted you privately to offer my sympathy on your loss. I know this is too soon, but I sincerely hope you’re feeling better a little bit and that you’re making progress with your 2011 resolution?

      How’re you doing with that? I’m rooting for you!

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