Just returned from celebrating the fiftieth anniversaty of some dear friends. What a lovely time–and how touching to be able to join with them and their many, many friends in toasting their life together.

One comment that struck me was that because they’d met young, they’d “grown up together.” I think how profound a comment that is. If you meet your person, the one who’s right for you, when you’re very young, you have a different relationhip than you do if, say, you meet later, in your thirties or forties.

Not that one way is preferable, simply my realization that when you meet and click really has such a strong impact on who you become. On who each of you becomes. And affects everything that follows.

Anyway, how many of you have had very long relationships? Thirty years? Forty? Anyone else at fifty???

Just one more thought from me–I wish I’d had fifty years with my person. Seems especially poignant at this time of year, fourteen years after losing him.

Although ‘losing’ isn’t quite the right word, is it? Itâ not as though I misplaced him, not as though I left him somewhere out in the rain or snow.

Don’t know what the right word is, but I know that the missing never leaves.

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  2. Cathie Linz says:

    We’ve been friends a loooooong time

  3. Cathie Linz says:

    I’ve known my best friend since I was five years old and she lived next door. She lives up in Alaska now but we’ve known each other for decades.

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