Whoopee! The Son and Heir arrives home Sunday evening!

Are there words for how over-the-moon-excited I am? Nope. Not a one.

He’s my favorite child. Of course he’s our only child, but, hey, he’s the fave.

I’ll meet him at the airport with hot chocolate or coffee, maybe yogurt, something, anyway, to let him know his mom still needs to do the “mom thang.” He’ll think it’s sweet, amusing, and, yes, totally unnecessary. Which, of course, it is.

But I need to do it.

Just as I need to have the house sparkle and shine for him, need to have a real tree (even though I put up an artificial one), and have needed to bake muffins and cook soups. Even though I am probably, if not the worst cook, among the more challenged cooks, I still have this need to provide, to make things, fix things.

I’ll spend the first night he’s here just enjoying the sound of his feet thumping back and forth through the house.

When you were a young adult, were there any traditions, special foods that meant “home” to you, that meant, “I’m okay, everything is all right because I’m home”?

Just wondering. . . .

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  1. Debra Thomas says:

    I know this is a little late, but i just found your site.

    Special foods..not really so special, just the person who made them was special. Chocolate Chip Cookies. My mom always made them when she knew they were needed and with 3 kids in the house, they were needed A LOT! LOL

    • Lindsay says:

      So, Debra, did you get to have your chocolate chip cookies over the holidays??

      We had our traditional pineapple souffle, which is really like pineapple bread pudding, but it’s become the go-to Xmas food for us.

      Nice hearing from you!

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