Corn Pudding

Posted by: Kathryn Pless

2 cans cream corn
1 cup milk
1 package of Jiffy brand corn muffin mix
4 eggs
1 stick of butter or margarine

Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. Spray a large oven proof mixing bowl with Pam or another non-stick spray. Combine corn and milk in the large oven safe mixing bowl. Beat eggs slightly in a seperate bowl and add to corn and milk. Dump Jiffy corn muffin mix in and stir well. Mixture will be slightly lumpy like cornbread but very thin. Cut stick of butter or margarine into 5 pieces. Poke a piece into the mixture at quarter intervals. Poke the fifth piece into the middle. Bake for about an hour, checking at 45 minutes. Corn pudding will be done when it has risen and the middle looks like custard. Don’t overcook or it will be dry. The pudding will fall a bit after it is cool.

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