Swept Away on a Blue Sea in August

I mentioned I was enthralled by Susan Casey's The Wave, her non-fiction book about rogue and freak waves in the oceans.  I also picked up her Devil's Teeth, another non-fiction set in the ocean, but this is about the great sharks.

No holds barred, I'm highly recommending both.  The woman writes non-fiction as if she were writing a thriller, lemme tell you.  If you're looking for a gift for someone, especially a guy someone, I'd sure think these books would rate.  They remind me in some ways of Robert Kurson's Shadow Divers, which I gave as gifts to some male friends and which I also recommended to my women friends for them and for their husbands.

And, no, I don't know Casey a'tall.  Well, except for "knowing" her through her fabulous writing.

Go treat yourself to a great three hours of spell-binding absorption-and it's all true.

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  1. Linda Bandow says:

    Will be giving these a try….I broke down and bought a Color Nook….put a real dent in my pocket…still prefer the old fashioned way but books were becoming a major space problem for us. Will I be able to get your oldies on Nook?

    • lindsay says:

      Linda, to the best of my knowledge, yes, some of the oldies (but I hope still goodies !) are available for e-readers. I know five or six for sure are available for the Kindle.

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