Requiescat in Pace

Mr. Cletis O'Roarkey:  a good beastie, loyal and sweet and funny.  Big, grey, a thump-along giant friend.  Affectionate and, like a dog, he'd play catch and follow me from room to room.  Amazingly big feet, body, and head,  he could leap and somersault like an acrobat.  He loved to sleep curled on my pillow with one heavy paw thrown around my head.  Or my son's.  He was sixteen years old and had had diabetes for the last six or seven years.   He was the last kitty my husband, son, and I shared, and he was my husband's favorite pet.

Weirdly, Mr. Cletis chose to head to the giant kitty litter in the sky on the anniversary week of my husband's death.  I don't believe in woo-woo, but we picked out Cletis around October 19th or so, he died on the 18th, and my husband died a few years ago ont he 20th.  Life came full circle, as it often does.

What do you say about a furry buddy who shared so many good and sad times with you?   

Rest in peace, good buddy.  Rest in peace.   

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