On the River

I was thinking today about my trip to Tokyo in the spring and some of the things my son, his friends, and I did. In spite of My Inconvenient Knee, previously mentioned, Rob planned some really great activities.

One was an afternoon trip for Mother’s Day (I said he was a great kid, didn’t I??) along the Sumida River in Tokyo. We could see the buildings and the city from such a different perspective after our departure from Asaksa, where there’s a great, though touristy, old Shinto shrine. It was fun for me to watch all of the folks on the boat, almost all Japanese, who were enjoying the long holiday by taking their children and dates out for the day. And enjoying a soft cream while they cruised along the river.

We saw this fantastic boat pass us, and all I could think of was “We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto.”

Of course I wasn’t in Kansas to begin with, but you know what I mean.

I find Japan endlessly fascinating, and it’s so cool to me that I can use my son as an excuse to go there–and to have my own translator and tour guide.

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