Crazy Decisions, or My Bad Knee and I Visited Tokyo in the Spring

Do you ever make a really, really stupid decision because impulse and optimism just compell you forward?


Well, you’re smarter than I am, then.

When I decided to visit Rob-san, aka My Son Rob, in the spring, April/May, so that I could see the cherry blossoms, I just figured I could force my bad knee to behave. Ha. And ha again. Poor Rob. But he was a true Knight in Shining Euro-styled-clothes as he patiently steered me hither and thither in Tokyo so I could visit some of his favorite sites. He also acted as translator for me and a roomful of the delightful Harlequin Tokyo editors when I was fortunate enough to visit the offices.

I think he loved being the only guy in a roomful of charming women, to tell you the truth.

At any rate, I thumped along slowly and increasingly painfully until my return home–and immediately scheduled total knee replacement. Terrific decision. Still rehabbing, but next time I hit Tokyo? I’m going to be speeding along–not at Rob’s long-legged pace, but, hey, I’ll be faster than I was.

I’m including a pic of a gorgeous park Rob took me to on an all-day bus outing, something the Japanese retirees apparently do in large numbers, and which Rob and one of his friends scheduled for me because. . . well, as I said, I wasn’t walking far or fast. But I loved this beautiful little park with all the wisteria perfuming the air and dripping in stunning swaths. Hope you enjoy the pic, too. Just wish I could include the fragrance!

Oh, but I missed the cherry blossoms.

I’ll see them, though,’cause I’m going back and next time with a working knee.

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