Books I’m Reading

Isn't it a fabulous feeling to be completely swept up in a book?  Susan Casey's The Wave did that to me.  Talk about "being swept away by a blue sea in August," to steal the old movie title, but this book takes on the fascinating subject of the ocean's waves and how little we know about them.  I mean, she discusses these rogue waves that take out supertankers perhaps twice a week or twice a month.  They're not quite sure on that statistic, but whether it's two a week or two a month, OMG.

And the chapter on the 1740 wave, yes, WAVE, that came into Lituya Bay in Alaska back in 1958 is riveting.  The pictures are mind-boggling.  What's most jaw-dropping, though, for me, is to know that earlier ginormous waves had also hit Lituya.

As if all that were not enough, Casey goes on to write about the surf gods who play on these monsters:  Laird Hamilton and others who are towed out in search of 100 monsters to surf.

All I can say is that this non-fiction book reads like a thriller.  Loved it.

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