June 1st and The Writing Process

Today's work dilemma is the inability to remember early parts of the book and to make sure I'm not repeating myself.  Ever had that problem?

Oh, sure, I made a real time chart with the chapter chart and keep track of the events, but the brain feels as though everything's floating around and nothing's settling. 

Not to be punny, but it's very . . . unsettling.

So here's my solution, such as it is:  I just force myself to stay heads down in the mess until somehow it starts to register, starts to make sense.  I continue to keep track on my book chart–you know, the one with time of day, weather, events in the chapter, where the romance is at that point in the book, where the mystery is at that point–and then I simply hope.

Hope that doing the work will make it all come out.  Hope that the brain's not as flaccid and grey as it feels.  Hope.

Yeah.  Hope's good.

So.  What do you do?

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