Weddings and Nostalgia

My friend, Myrna MacKenzie, has been hosting a Blog on weddings because she and fellow authors have books with a wedding theme coming out.  Bless her heart, she asked for wedding stories, so I sent her pix and the "Tale of the $10 Wedding Dress," which she posted on their Blog.  She has also recently posted a wonderful, informative entry from a professional wedding photographer.  Gosh, so many good tips about handling wedding pictures, and, especially, dealing with the cost of them.

What's happened, though, is that all this talk of weddings has made me nostalgic.  Well, that and the fact that June 7th brings what would have been our mumblemumblethe number wedding anniversary.

So, just for fun, for memories, and for old times sake, I'm posting the ever popular cutting of the cake from our $100 wedding.  But it was worth it.  And if you want to read the story, go over to Myrna Mackenzie's author site and to her blog.  It's fun!

Enjoy the pix–and drink a toast on June 7th for me. 


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