Going to start this new category of books I'm reading and recommending.  If you're interested, check in, comment, add your own recommendations, all right?  And, sidebar, here's a special irritation of mine–"all right" misspelled as "alright."

Whew, now that I have that off my chest (yes, I'd just read it in some book, and it really annoyed me, but then I'm crotchety about those kinds of things), on to GOOD READS.

I've recently finished Jennifer Greene's Blame It on Paris, and, as usual, I loved it.  Some of you know she's a friend of mine, so I'm predisposed to like her writing because I adore her.  However.  When it comes to The Work (capitalized because The Work is important!), I'm pretty hardnosed about recommending books.  I have to like it.  Have to think someone else will, too.  Maybe for the same reasons I do, maybe for different reasons.

On all counts, Blame It on Paris works.  I particularly love her way with the relationship and with her ability to create very appealing characters.

Greene firmly grounds me in a world where I'd like to live, a world where I'd have a heck of a good time.  Oh, yeah, and her books are very, very romantic! 

My other recommendation is Blythe Gifford's The Harlot's Daughter.   I don't read many historicals anymore.  Used to.  Not too many appeal to me these days, but I'm not sure why.  Adored the old Anya Seton historicals, the Laura Kinsale books.  But lately. . . .   Oh, well, who knows?

At any rate, Gifford's historical, set in the time of England's Richard II with all its machinations and court intrigue is a really well-done historical, but the spotlight is right there on the romantic relationship, which is very rich and powerful.  For you writers, I'm suggesting that you take a hard look at how she's shaped her conflict between the two main characters.

Man, talk about the "what's at stake" question–Gifford's put it on the pages.  In spades.  A page-turner.

Happy reading!

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  1. Lindsay says:

    Oooh, oooh, Anya Seaton, yes, yes! I think so many readers of romance cut their teeth on her fabulous stories.

    Clearly you’re a fan of historical fiction?

  2. I loved Anya Seeton as well. And I read and loved Blythe’s first book. I have to look her up again.

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