Writing–sidebar on the working process

 Working today to the soundtrack of O Brother Where Art Thou.  For some reason this CD really works for me whether I'm doing the walk at the health club or working in my office.  The lyrics somehow lodge in my brain and conjure up images and ideas.  At the moment, "You Are My Sunshine, My Only Sunshine" is playing and I remember singing that over and over on car rides with my little sister.

 If you've never heard the wonderful, haunting "Didn't Leave Nobody but the Baby" as sung by the ethereal voices of Emmylou Harris, Alison Krauss, and Gillian Welch, you must.  It'll send shivers up your spine.

I can play this CD over and over without tiring of it.  Nostalgia?  Maybe a a call to my southern roots.  Who knows?

And I loved the movie. 

A dear friend gave me a CD of music from Desperate Housewives.  I play that one over and over, too.  Hmmm.  I seem to have a repetitive thing going here.  This doesn't sound good!


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