The living’s supposed to be easy, lazy, drifty.

Soooo, are you being lazy?  Are you drifting through the days?

Or are you sweaty, cranky, and irritable?

Because, yep, the sweet ol’ summer brings that, too, plus mosquitoes.

Still, it’s a very special time.  If you have kids, you have the chance to be unstructured, to get to know them in a way the busy rest of the year usually doesn’t allow.  If you don’t have kids, you have a wonderful chance to bring out your own inner kid, to slow down and move away from lists and clocks and the ought-to mindset.  You get a chance to simply. . . be.

And who do you want to be?

The lemonade sipper?  The adventurer?  The traveler?

You can be any or all of them.  You can be the person who steps out of your comfort zone and tries something new, something that the summer offers up to you like a gift from the universe.  You can sleep late if you want to–and if life permits!–and let your brain and psyche and body slow down. 

You can sit out under the stars and listen to the world around you.

But whatever you do, don’t stay inside with your iPad, your NETFLIX, and your big screen TV while summer happens just outside your view.

Let yourself be in the summer.

And, as always, I remain hopeful that you can find a great–or even a good!–summer read!


Lindsay Longford